Top Three

Thursday’s Top Three (TTT #025)

As part of this series, I’m sharing the Top Three articles I’ve read over the prior week with you all every Thursday.

The articles that are featured can either be fresh or selected from other blogs’ archives. The only rule to be included in the collection is that it’s an article that I’ve read in that particular week.

Generally, I try to select pieces that made me think about something from a new perspective or that emotionally spoke to me. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

Here are this week’s TTT:

Sam from Government Worker FI on the cost and benefits of daycare
“Having kids means you’re going to be poorer” says Sam. Sad, but true! In this article, Sam reflects on why he still looks back positively on daycare, even if it potentially left him $1.6M poorer. I am not a huge fan of these theoretical mathematical calculations, but this is overall a balanced post. My biggest take-aways: Daycare is good for the kids, as it allows them to be taught by folks educated to do that as well as play and socialize with other kids. It’s also good for the parents, because it allows them to live out their other identities aside from “just” being a parent. Both important points!

David from Raptitude on the last time
This is not a personal finance article, but it’s great nonetheless. I always love posts that make me consider something from a different perspective, and this one definitely did. David did catch me exactly while drinking coffee, and I certainly enjoyed that cup more than usual. I’ve also caught myself thinking back to this article a few times already, for example while cleaning up one of my puppy’s indoor accidents. Still not super fun, but definitely more positive with this perspective in mind. Thank you David!

Mrs Flamingo on early semi-retirement
Financial independence is definitely one of my goals, but I am less sure about retiring early. I definitely don’t think that the “jumping off a cliff” approach of “working-working-working-STOP” is right for me. That’s why I’ve been thinking about how to work towards this more gradually. I think the concept of Flamingo FI could be right for me. I don’t want to have to work until traditional retirement age, so Coast FI is not really for me. But I don’t mind working a few extra years to enjoy life a little while on the way either. Maybe Flamingo FI is “the one” for me?

Do YOU want to be featured? Have you written an article that I absolutely must read?
Let me know about it, and I’ll consider including it in the next TTT.


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