Top Three

Thursday’s Top Three (TTT #015)

As part of this series, I’m sharing the Top Three articles I’ve read over the prior week with you all every Thursday.

The articles that are featured can either be fresh or selected from other blogs’ archives. The only rule to be included in the collection is that it’s an article that I’ve read in that particular week.

Generally, I try to select pieces that made me think about something from a new perspective or that emotionally spoke to me. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

Here are this week’s TTT:

Retire Before Dad on striving to have nothing to do
Waking up and having nothing to do is exactly the goal of a good manager, says RBD. I would tend to agree with this, as I like to say that my goal at work is to make my own job obsolete. Automating and improving processes to the point that a human is not needed is a big part of what I do. The author says that, as you are the manager of your own finances, you can translate this objective and apply it to your own life. Are you ready to wake up and have nothing to do?

MrFireStation on clutter
Does it make sense to keep three old pairs of slippers around that are no longer presentable but still wearable? How many spares is one too much? The author reflects on these questions, and these are questions I’m asking myself too as I try to declutter my house. When has something truly reached the end its useful life? And when might it still have use left, but not to me?

Occam Investing on when rebalancing leads to gains
Very comprehensive summary of the conditions needed in order to benefit financially from rebalancing a portfolio. Good read, but I think I’ll continue to rebalance based on my risk appetite rather than with the goal of chasing incremental gains.

Do YOU want to be featured? Have you written an article that I absolutely must read?
Let me know about it, and I’ll consider including it in the next TTT.

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