Top Three

Thursday’s Top Three (TTT #013)

As part of this series, I’m sharing the Top Three articles I’ve read over the prior week with you all every Thursday.

The articles that are featured can either be fresh or selected from other blogs’ archives. The only rule to be included in the collection is that it’s an article that I’ve read in that particular week.

Generally, I try to select pieces that made me think about something from a new perspective or that emotionally spoke to me. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did!

Here are this week’s TTT:

Mr. Clipping Chains on value spending
I love the idea of applying the pareto principle to spending as well as other areas of life. I’m currently listening to the 4-hour workweek audio book, and this is discussed there. I never thought about it before, and now got exposed to this idea two times in a row, so maybe there is something to it!

John Stoj on the entrepreneurship hype
Whether or not to side hustle on the way to FI is an often debated question. I’m definitely leaning to “not”, and John presents some numbers as well as his own experience to counter the entrepreneurship hype in this article. If you’re on the fence about side hustling, check it out for some perspective.

FIRE-Path Lion on borrowing to invest
Would you put your house in danger to invest more on the stock market? That’s exactly what the author of this story did! To find out why and how it’s been going, check out the article. Is this something I would consider? Maybe, but likely only for one of my rentals, not my main property.

Do YOU want to be featured? Have you written an article that I absolutely must read?
Let me know about it, and I’ll consider including it in the next TTT.


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