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Thursday’s Top Three (TTT #002)

Last week, I decided to start a new series on this blog, where I’ll be sharing the Top Three articles I’ve read over the prior week with you all every Thursday.

The articles that will be featured can either be fresh or selected from other blogs’ archives. The only rule to be included in the collection is that it’s an article that I’ve read in that particular week.

I have to admit, this week it was really hard to pick just three. But those are the rules. So without further ado…

Here are this week’s TTT:

BudgetsAreSexy’s rundown of real estate syndications
I have to admit, this way of investing in real estate was totally new to me. Unfortunately, I don’t meet the criteria to become an accredited investor yet, but it’s an opportunity to keep in mind for the future!

Banker on Wheel’s review of cycling in Japan
Japan is one of my favorite countries, and taking a cycling holiday there is one of the top items on my “wish list”. This article reminded of all the reasons why: Beautiful nature, great food, good people. I’ll keep this article bookmarked to review all the tips before my future trip!

Frank on Fire’s take on starting a FIRE journey later in life
Very encouraging read to remind us that everyone’s personal finance journey is different and that there is no point in wishing that you could change the past. You can’t! But you can change the future, so it’s much more productive to focus on that!

Do YOU want to be featured? Have you written an article that I absolutely must read?
Let me know about it, and I’ll consider including it in the next TTT.

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