Top Three

Thursday’s Top Three (TTT #001)

I decided to start a new series on this blog, where I’ll be sharing the Top Three articles I’ve read over the prior week with you all every Thursday. Ambitiously, I have started the numbering with three digits, so you can expect a weekly collection for the next 19 years 😉.

The articles that I will feature can either be fresh or selected from other blogs’ archives. The only rule to be included is that it’s an article I’ve read in that particular week.

Hopefully, this project will be beneficial both for myself as well as for you, dear readers. It will inspire me to read more in order to find three gems each week, and you get to benefit from a curated selection.

Here are this week’s TTT:

BankerOnFire’s run-down of the seven mistakes to avoid as an investor
“They say it’s not a loss until you sold.
Well, guess what – it’s not a gain until you’ve sold either.”
– Wise words indeed!

Geekstreamers’ review of two years living in an RV
I discovered their blog only recently, and in these travel-sparse time I greatly enjoyed living vicariously through them by reading about their journeys. Also appreciate the lessons learned and how they adjusted over time! I wonder if the RV nomad life could be for me?

Alyssa Davies on thinking about spending based on usage rather than $$
I always appreciate discovering a new perspective. Rather than thinking about purchases in terms of dollars, Alyssa encourages us to think about it based on the number of uses. Interesting concept!

Do YOU want to be featured? Have you written an article that I absolutely must read?
Let me know about it, and I’ll consider including it in the next TTT.

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